Thermography and Foil Stamping in Business Cards

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Thermography and Foil Stamping to Enhance Your Business Card Look

When looking for new ideas to jazz up your business card or brochure, thermography and foil stamping are two popular printing methods that can help you out. Although both methods may cost just a little bit more, the price you pay is well worth the quality of design you receive.

Thermography, What?

Just looking at the word may cause confusion for some who aren’t familiar with the printing process and various methods. Thermography is a specialized printing method that produces a raised effect with the ink that is used. It’s also known as “raised printing” and can be distinguished by touch. Meaning you can actually feel the words that are popping out.

Foil Stamping or Shiny Letters

It might sound easy, but foil stamping is an intricate process that gives you a high quality effect. Colored foil is heat stamped flat into paper, giving you beautiful shiny lettering on your design. Let’s say you have a semi-plain business card. Foil stamping your name, or your company name, at the top of the card would have a greater effect and be something taking a second, or third, glance at.

Whether you use foil stamping or thermography, it’s sure to have a bigger effect and cause people to take a second look at your business card or brochure. Here at Xpedia Printing & Graphix, we can design and print, or even just print, a glamorous jazzed-up design that is sure to get your business noticed.

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